Stroosnier Executive Search (SES) offers goal-oriented search and selection for board and management positions in Industry and Telecom. Its network comprises a broad and varied range of experienced and highly educated professionals in General Management, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Technology, ICT, Finance, HR and Legal Affairs.

The field of activities does not limit itself to the Netherlands and Europe. SES also searches specific European business professionals for American and Asian companies.

Stroosnier Executive Search was founded in 1995 by Jaap J. Stroosnier. After graduating as an engineer, for twelve years Jaap held several challenging management positions in various large multinational companies. He therefore knows, from hands-on experience, how important it is to successfully match a specific professional with a specific companyís culture and goals.

The services of SES include:

  • A thorough acquaintance, during a personal talk, with the customerís organisation, its challenges and the profile of the professional the company is looking for. With special attention being paid to the essential and distinguishing success factors of the organisation.
  • A professional research team identifying and pre-selecting candidates.
  • Personal interviews and the final selection done by Jaap J. Stroosnier.
  • The introduction and presentation of more than one candidate per position to the customer, accompanied by a thorough overview of the selection arguments.
  • Reference-checks in the final stage of the hiring-process.
  • Active continuation of the search and support until the customer has reached an official agreement with a candidate.
  • Feedback sessions and advice for both customer and hired candidate the first year after hiring, facilitating a smooth transition for both parties.
  • An attractive success guarantee.
  • Last but not least, great accessibility of Jaap J. Stroosnier and short lines of communication with candidates and customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jaap for further details on the services of SES. He will make time on short notice to discuss with you how to find the right candidates for moving your business forward.

Stroosnier Executive Search

Jaap J. Stroosnier
Medoclaan 214, 6213 EG Maastricht, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)6 5346 1720